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How Secure Is Your Company?

How Secure Is Your Company?

In the Phoenix area's demanding business environment, you cannot afford to accept the cost of crime as a cost of doing business.

According to a recent survey of U.S. business owners, their foremost security concerns are:

  1. Cyber/Communications Security

  2. Workplace Violence

  3. Business Continuity Planning

  4. Employee Screening and Selection

  5. Property Crime

  6. General Employee Theft

  7. Crisis Management and Response

  8. Unethical Business Conduct

  9. Litigation: Inadequate Security

  10. Identity Theft

Source: Securitas

In a more dangerous and litigious society than we have ever known, you have an obligation to your shareholders, employees, visitors and vendors to provide a safe and secure environment. You out-source your legal, financial and other services ... depend on Corporate Security Specialists, Inc., to outsource your Arizona security needs.

How safe is your Arizona facility? The workplace is the scene of about 3.2 million crimes each year, including employee theft and workplace violence.

Where are you vulnerable? Are you ready to minimize and respond to all foreseeable security threats?

How safe are you from employee dishonesty? One out of three business failures, in the Phoenix area and elsewhere, is caused by employee theft ... and one out of three job applications contains lies about experience, education and ability.

How prepared is your company to function in the face of a terrorist attack or other disaster? Protecting your business from terrorism also protects it from more common security threats.