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Security Seminars

Security Seminars

To be effective, security must be part of an Arizona company's culture.

Through its informative security seminars, Corporate Security Specialists can educate your Phoenix area management and security team on all aspects of security in your company:

  • Violence in the Workplace: How to prevent and handle this threat

  • Receptionist Security Procedures: Your first line of defense

  • Employee Theft Detection and Prevention: Your biggest vulnerability

  • Travel Security: Protect your employees on the road

  • Substance Abuse Awareness: How to recognize and deal with this menace 

  • Executive Protection: Safeguard your most important resource

  • Employee Security Awareness: Make your employees part of the solution, instead of the problem

  • Dealing With Hostile Individuals: How to de-escalate a confrontation

  • Terrorism Preparedness and Response: You can survive

  • Bomb Threat Response: Prepare before "the call"

  • Retail Security:  It's more than just robbery procedures

  • Protection of Proprietary Information: Knowledge is power; don't share it with your competitors

  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design: Designing security into your new or existing buildings

  • Self Defense: Give your employees the knowledge they need to survive

Is there a topic you would like to add? Just ask us.